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Service Areas

Coming to the following markets in May 2020

-New Hampshire



-Rhode Island

-Florida (June 2020)

Nursing Homes

Clients who live in nursing homes are especially vulnerable to injuries and illnesses.  use part time ambulance to get them to where they need to go fast.

Cities with slow 911 response

Do you live in a city with slow ambulance service such as from a private ambulance?  We are the perfect solution for your dangerous predicament.


our drivers can handle any medical emergency that happens and get people to the hospitals they need to go to during large events.

VIP personnel with medical conditions

are you a celebrity with a chronic medical condition and you need medical staff with you 



with the power of the app you always know how much you will be charged based on our transparent pricing.

Long Distance

our competitive pricing will make you think twice about whether or not you should use a traditional ambulance to get to a hospital that is far away.

No Surge pricing

Unlike the other ride share companies Part Time Ambulance Does not charge surge pricing

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