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Download the app.  Become a first responder in minutes.

Anytime an ambulance is more than 10 minutes from a medical emergency, Part Time Ambulance™ is dispatched to the scene in areas it is being utilized.

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About Part Time Ambulance

Are you looking for extra income? 

Are you bored of being a regular ride share driver?

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Kindly check back to our website and look for the app to be downloadable sometime in May.

All you need is a form of transportation, a smartphone and be 18 years or over to be part of our team.

Learn CPR, first aid and how to identify real medical emergencies so that you will be prepared to treat the sick and injured

The app works around your schedule.  Go into available mode when you want to make some extra cash and of course save some lives.


Find out if part time ambulance is right for you 

"As a retiree, part time ambulance has given me the flexibility to work only when I want to making money I otherwise wouldnt be making."

Henry Stu

Air Force Retiree

Saving lives one call at a time

"our plumbing business has been struggling more than ever due to COVID-19.  now that we can respond to medical emergencies in between calls we have had no drop in revenues."

John Polk

Polks plumbing

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